Labeling data

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Labeling data

Postby Renate den Bak » 02 Aug 2017, 10:32

I was wondering if it's possible to label data automatically using a time-based label config file.
You can place labels based on the markers, and there's a format so you won't have to do it all by hand. The problem is we have one task without markers during the task (only at the beginning and the end), but we do know the exact onset and offset times of the recording of interest based on the startmarker. It's just that those intervals aren't marked.

Is there any way in which you can create a label config file using those onset/offset times, based on the start marker?

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Re: Labeling data

Postby JarikdenHartog » 11 Sep 2017, 12:41

Hi Renate den Bak,

First of all; sorry for the late response, somehow we missed your message.

A method to do this is described here:

So your _icg.lbl file could look like this:

Code: Select all
 05-02-15/11:13:05  05-02-15/11:18:06   10
 05-02-15/11:18:06  05-02-15/11:18:30   11
 05-02-15/11:18:30  05-02-15/11:18:42   12
 05-02-15/11:18:42  05-02-15/11:18:43   13
 05-02-15/11:18:43  05-02-15/11:19:03   14
 05-02-15/11:19:03  05-02-15/11:19:12   15


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